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Estate Lawyer in Asheboro, NC

Planning an estate will provide instructions regarding your wishes for how all of your assets, personal possessions and children (if you have any) are to be handled in the event of your death. When you plan ahead, it will make allocating each aspect of your life that much easier for your loved ones when you do pass on.

 Thinking about all of this now may seem confusing and stressful, but that is why Scott Dunn is here to help you through the entire process. 
 In order to ensure your assets and personal possessions get distributed as you wish, you need to have a will that is going to outline how each facet of your estate is to be handled. We will go through everything and make a plan that makes the most sense for you.  

 If you have children under the age of 18, it’s important that you name a legal guardian as soon as possible. If you do not name one and you were to become disabled or pass away, the court would then have to decide who would get custody over your children. Having a will is the surest way to have control over who will care for your children if something were to happen to you.  

 Estate planning is something everyone should do to protect yourself and your family. It will save your loved ones from worrying about if they are making decisions on your behalf as you would have wanted. 

Once you decide to start planning for the future, it’s important to track down an attorney that offers effective advice and years of experience. With the assistance of Scott Dunn, clients are able to create wills and access upfront planning services. Our estate lawyer is well-equipped to handle any estate in Asheboro, NC, no matter the size or complexity.

With our assistance, you’ll be able to ensure that your will is completed to your exact estate specifications. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that estate lawyer Scott Dunn is looking after your possessions.

• Last Will & Testament
• Living Will & Advanced Directive
• Power of Attorney
• Various Trusts

Estate Lawyer in Asheboro, NC

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Scott Dunn is also equipped to handle estate litigation based on will contests, construction proceedings and matters of probate. All estates are required to be properly administered through the court, whether or not there is a will. Many practical issues, such as the disposal of personal and real property must also be addressed.

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If you’re interested in learning more about estate planning and the creation of wills, be sure to reach out to one of our friendly representatives. 

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