DUI & DWI Representation

If you have been cited for DUI/DWI, you should know that the law provides serious consequences upon conviction. The punishments for drunk driving are even more severe for repeat offenders. A DUI sentence may require you to pay a substantial fine, serve some time in jail, or both. In addition to any fines or jail time, your driver's license may be suspended, even if it is your first offense.

You will have to find alternate transportation and go through considerable effort to regain your driving privileges after a drunk driving conviction. To add insult to injury, many insurance companies will drop your motor vehicle coverage if you are convicted. It’s important to protect your rights – and to do so, you need a lawyer who will work to stop these consequences from becoming a reality.

Totaled car from drunk driving accident in Asheboro, NC

Reach Out For Compassionate and Reliable Counseling

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s imperative that you contact our office as soon as possible. With the assistance of Scott Dunn, you’ll be able to properly present your case in a court of law. Why should you have to deal with serious ramifications if you've been treated unjustly at the hands of the law?

To schedule a consultation with Attorney Dunn, all you have to do is call 336-257-1923. Once we get a better sense of your case, we can begin to develop a defense which best suits your scenario.

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