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Child Custody Attorney & Child Visitation in Asheboro, NC

Child custody and visitation are areas of family law that call for a steady hand and impeccable judgment to ensure the right outcome for the children involved. In such a sensitive situation, a child visitation and child custody lawyer should be experienced enough to protect your child’s rights with integrity and knowledge.

In North Carolina, child custody and visitation issues are usually settled by an agreement between parties; however, if it does go to trial, child custody and visitation tend to be the most expensive aspects of separation litigation. You need a child custody attorney who understands the intricacies of family law and uses this knowledge to support your bid at any stage of the proceedings.

Child Custody Attorney in Asheboro, NC

Scott Dunn Is One of Asheboro's Best Attorneys

Child custody, child visitation and other family law disputes are never easy to settle. It’s important to have a strong and knowledgeable support system in place to guide you through this difficult process. The paperwork alone involves child custody forms, child custody visitation forms, forms for visitation rights, visitation agreement forms - the list goes on. 

Sole Custody: When one person is granted sole legal decision-making power over a child. This person is usually permitted physical custody as well. 

Joint Custody: This form of custody entails the cooperation of both parties in the decision-making authority over a child. Joint custody does not always yield shared physical custody. With a joint custody agreement in place, both parties are allowed input in major decisions concerning a child. In these instances, the time spent with the child is normally split more evenly. 

Physical Custody: A person who is authorized the choice in physical location of the child has physical custody over them. This means that the child lives with them and that person can determine where it is that they are to live.   

Visitation Rights: If one parent or guardian has sole custody, then the other is entitled to visitation with the child. As of now, there are no regulations or rules that determine when or how much visitation they are to be granted. An agreement regarding visitation rights must be set by both parties or the court can decide. 

With the assistance of Scott Dunn, you’ll gain access to the most reliable legal team in town. Our office represents men and women in child custody and child visitation cases within the Asheboro area, and throughout Seagrove, Randleman, Archdale, Trinity, Liberty, Ramseur, and Troy, NC. Attorney Scott Dunn understands the sensitive issues that affect married couples and their children. The decisions you make will affect your loved ones for the rest of your life. You deserve to have a reliable attorney provide sound advice throughout the legal process. Keeping this in mind, you can trust our team with your child custody, child visitation, and child support matters.

Contact the lawyer who has successfully taken on many custody cases throughout his storied career in court. Scott Dunn has the experience and knowledge you need.

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